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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of your FAQs

What is Kernelvest? (4)

Questions about kernelvest, what it is and how to be a member

What is kernelvest?

KernelVest is a 'NewSchool' online investment platform that seeks to empower the low and middle class towards the world of wealth creation through micro-investing. We encourage you to save so you can get investment returns that can make you wealthy in the long run.

Kernelvest allows you to save small amounts of your money when you want (daily, weekly, monthly, or instantly) and because its automatic, you never really get to know you are saving big time. It lets you believe in your wealth dreams all over again.

Aside savings to investments, we have other products that let you do day to day activities and still gives you better control over your money. Our goal is to make the youths, low and middle income earners believe in their future finances via their micro-savings & investments...

Registered as a SEC Investment Advisor and in partnership with a top Nigeria bank, we are here for your finance well-being.

How do i Join?
Is there a minimum ₦amount to start with?
How is kernelvest different?

Savings & Investments (5)

Questions about your savings and investments and where your money goes ...

How do I save, is it automatic?
If its Automatic, Can i Stop or Pause?
Where do you Invest my Money into?
Is there only one way to Save or Invest?
What can i do with my Investments?
Since your investments are in cash, you can do whatever you want with it. Users use their money for rents, childcare, emergencies, medical, vacation - we however want you to choose Investments for the long term, setting a financial target that can make you free not one for target consumption. hence why we built the TargetKEEP product seperately.

Being Financially free is a serious business, we want you to be intentional about your future financial freedom via discipline.

Security & Privacy (4)

Questions about your money's security and your financial data privacy.

Is my money with kernelvest safe?
YES, we understand how sensitive your financial data is and we took it seriously. All financial data communication to and fro our payment gateway are encrypted via a 256 bit SSL connection secured by COMODO. Also, you should know that our payment processor partner Paystack is PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certified so you are in safe hands.
Where is all my deposit going?
Are my card details safe?
Can I Trust Kernelvest?
Can I lodge Unauthorized deduction complaints?

General Questions (5)

Find here other general questions

Can you explain kernelvest products?
Our products are tagged towards Investment, so when you save, we call it investments because we want it to work for you. Our product portfolio currently includes AutoVEST, QuickVEST, SpendVEST, GroupSAVE, ClosedVEST, TargetKEEP, ChildSAVE and StartupVEST. Click here to read more about our products and here to read about our product timeline.
What if i miss my savings automatic payments?
Can i withdraw my money when i want and how?
Do i get Interests?
How else can i earn with Kernelvest?
How can i contact Kernelvest?