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AutoVEST (Automatic Investment) allows you to decide how much and when you want to push funds into your wealth portfolio. You can set up daily, weekly, or monthly auto deposits and it all goes straight into your wealth pool.

AutoVEST is the ideal solution towards your financial empowerment, It's working even when you are sleeping!

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QuickVest (Quick Investment) allows you to quickly add cash to your wealth box. Anytime you have free cash you would like to quickly throw in your stash for some extras, QuickVEST is available to you to do just that.

Do not wait for your extra cash to be spent on things you don't need, throw it in for more with QuickVEST!

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SpendVEST is a product that is targeted at you investing your spendings. Of course, you can't invest what you have spent, but we can invest a % of what was spent, meaning you invest everytime you buy something with your card.

If you are not sure of your account balance to set up AutoVEST, then lets help you invest everytime you spend.

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Are you planning on buying something and saving for it seems daunting? We know the feeling and that is why we have TargetKEEP. TargetKEEP allows you to set automatic deductions targetted at a number (cash figure) or a time until you reach your goal.

Simply put, we keep keeping it till you reach your Target!!!

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Okay, we advocate investments here, not savings. However, do you have cash you want to stash away so you dont have to spend it? ClosedVEST allows you to store away unused money till you are ready to take it.

Let's just say, we've got a vault for your 'don't spend it' cash. Did we mention there are awesome gains attached?

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StartupVEST is designed to give you the POWER of an Investor. This time not into money funds but into startup businesses, specifically in businesses of your specialization where you can help improve the economy and build your investments towards greater interests.

Want to be a Director in a business with your money, choose StartupVEST today!

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